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Google+, Mentors and Students

Review of the article:

Mentoring and Performance Support for Graduate Students using Google+

                                                                                         by Jack Yensen

Yensen (2012) describes Google+ as a promising platform for “mentoring and performance support of graduate students in online courses or programs” (p. 2027).

Yensen (2012) describes how using Google+ to form online mentoring circles brings students and mentors together in a very functional environment. He says the circle itself can be the target of other Google+ functions, including Gmail, Hangouts, stream sharing, Google Drive, Calendar and Events. This facilitates both asynchronous and synchronous communication, along with file sharing (p. 2027).

This could be used, for example, in the scheduling of a Hangout. The calendar function will give pop-up reminders to all members of the circle, as the event nears, and agenda listings will have also been sent. During the Hangout, members can share documents, using the Google Drive tab on the Hangout screen (p. 2027)

Yensen (2012) says that Google+ enhances peer support for students. He says: “Once they are introduced, students rapidly seize the implications of Google+ functionality and start organizing caring and support circles among themselves, through shared Calendars, Event scheduling for Hangouts, phone trees through audio chat within or across circles, document and file and folder sharing, and text messaging to each other’s mobile devices” (2027).


Yensen, J. (2012). Mentoring and Performance Support for Graduate Students using Google+ Online Journal of Nursing Informatics (OJNI), 16 (3), Available at



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